September 5, 2023

K and 6th grade PARENTS- You must submit your student’s Physicals and Immunizations to the nurse at the beginning of the school year.

The Illinois School Code (Sec. 27-8.1) REQUIRES that all students entering preschool, kindergarten and sixth grade, and any student entering the Illinois school system for the first time, must submit the following upon entrance to school:

Physical Examination – The exam must have been administered within one year prior to entering the grade level. State of Illinois form, Certificate of Child Health Examination, is the only acceptable documentation of the physical examination. It can be found on the SD54 website. 

Parents must complete the heading (name, address, etc.) and complete and sign the Health History section of the form. The physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant must complete and sign the To Be Completed by MD/APN/PA section of the form.  Immunizations – Specific dates (month-day-year) must be provided. The Immunizations section of the form must be completed and the dates verified by the health professional’s signature.

Failure to comply with the Illinois School Code by October 15th will result in your child being excluded from school.